“She's a mom.”

"I decided to hire a personal trainer to help me lose the weight I gained during my second pregnancy. I love working with Kathrine for a number of reasons. One she is she's a mom. She's personally understands the process (and complications) of losing pregnancy weight - she developed a 20 minute home workout regimen for days when I don't see her. Two, she's an athlete and is focused on developing a healthy body - no fad exercises. Three, she's fun! After only a few weeks I'm feeling better and starting to see results. I'd recommend her to anyone."


“She doesn't judge.”

“I was nervous about working with a personal trainer, but Kathrine is great. She doesn't judge, and she motivates with the perfect mix of support, encouragement and a little mischievous 'no pain no gain' humor. I was in a bad place both emotionally and physically after back surgery, but a few sessions with Kathrine and I'm walking tall again. She works within your own personal limitations and helps you overcome them. I wouldn't want to work with anyone else!"



"Amazing coach, knowledgeable, great personality, professional, passionate about her field, and able to connect with me on a personal level. Overall best trainer I've ever had the opportunity of training with and hope to continue seeing!"

— A.W.


“You saved my life”

"From time to time, I had considered joining one of "those" gyms but couldn't motivate/commit, believed I didn't have the time, or thought their programs to be too expensive. I was impressed with her knowledge, understanding of my difficultiesencouragement to make small changes, and overall gentle enthusiasm, that I decided to make it work, despite my busy schedule. My starting weight was around 138 (I stand 5''2") & age 52 in a  matter of months, I dropped to 110, wear a size 4, have more energy, sport a toned and strong body, and am virtually PAIN FREE!  I want to emphasize the amazing progress I've made, I couldn't do even one sit-up without pain, more than 5 push-ups,or lift more than 8 lbs., never mind a plank for more than a few seconds. Now....30 sit-ups,  75 push-ups, 15+ dumbbells, and a 4-minute plank!! Thank you Kathrine, You saved my life! 



“She believes in me.”

"I was nervous that I would not be able to connect with her or feel comfortable. However, after multiple sessions with Kathrine, I have become very comfortable with her. She has seen me at my vulnerable moments, but never judges. I feel very comfortable with her and I'm glad that I have the privilege to work with her.  My favorite part of the session is her ability to really push me to do better. She believes in me and knows that I can accomplish a lot, which is helpful since I lack confidence in myself. Kathrine is organized and knows exactly what she is doing. She knows what exercise will target and how it will help; she's very smart and has a lot of credibility, so I know I'm getting a good workout in. I also love that she focuses on form because it's very important, rather than speed or weightShe has helped me to improve myself in many ways. I love working out with her and she has taught me a lot. She is one of the nicest women you will meet, and she's caring. I strongly recommend her as a trainer."

— M.L.


“Deeply knowledgeable”

"Kathrine is a deeply knowledgeable track & field coach. We are delighted with her age-appropriate training for our son as he prepares for high school track. Kathrine's training sessions are giving him important field event fundamentals that are otherwise hard to find until an athlete is well into their HS years."


“She's dedicated.”

"Kat is an excellent personal trainer. She's dedicated, supportive and challenges you in all the right ways."

— R.D.