Dearest Mama,

You give every ounce of you to your children.

Who gives back to you?

From the moment you held your first child, you transitioned from thinking of “you” to them. You dedicate your time, your worry, your patience, your love, and when the day is nearly done, you dig deep and out of nowhere perform miracles to ensure your other obligations are met.

Motherhood is a role of giving and giving more. Moms do not take breaks (mentally or physically), we go until  we can’t go anymore. We ignore the aches and pains in our bodies, put our priorities last, say, “tomorrow” because today we need to prioritize our children, our careers, our relationships & more.

BUT, Who gives back to you?

Motherhood can leave you feeling disconnected, powerless, and defeated in with your body. My mission, my reason for KatFit is simple- give moms confidence, strength and courage through fitness to reconnect with the powerful and incredible bodies they have.

Finding success with your fitness goals is NOT about more motivation, more time, or extreme tactics.

My Training Philosophy:

My training philosophy is not meant to fix a broken body or erase never having a baby so you can get your “pre-baby” body back. You are not broken and you cannot undo having a baby. My focus is on effective exercise during pregnancy and postpartum, rehab of the core and pelvic floor for moms, postpartum and C-section recovery, teaching women how to eat and exercise effortlessly, and having women feel incredible in their bodies.

My passion is providing a support system for success for my clients which allows you to find strength and confidence to care for yourself on your path to a revitalized self.

What to expect:

  • PERSONALIZED ONGOING WEEKLY WORKOUT PLANS which will change every 4 weeks.

  • RELEARNING YOUR BODY during our sessions, I will cue you on how to maintain proper form during your exercises so you are able to gain strength without injury.  

  • MY TOP PRIORITY IS YOUR ACCOUNTABILITY. I will provide you with daily support and guidance no matter what life presents.

  • GOALS ARE GOOD BUT IT IS IN DAILY PRACTICES WHERE GOALS ARE ACHIEVED. We will work together to create and practice daily habits across every aspect of your life from sleep, fitness, and mindfulness. These habits will help you remain confident and in control of your fitness no matter what life throws at you.

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She's a mom.

"I decided to hire a personal trainer to help me lose the weight I gained during my second pregnancy. I love working with Kathrine for a number of reasons. One she is she's a mom. She's personally understands the process (and complications) of losing pregnancy weight - she developed a 20 minute home workout regimen for days when I don't see her. Two, she's an athlete and is focused on developing a healthy body - no fad exercises. Three, she's fun! After only a few weeks I'm feeling better and starting to see results. I'd recommend her to anyone."

— K.D.

She doesn't judge!

“I was nervous about working with a personal trainer, but Kathrine is great. She doesn't judge, and she motivates with the perfect mix of support, encouragement and a little mischievous 'no pain no gain' humor. I was in a bad place both emotionally and physically after back surgery, but a few sessions with Kathrine and I'm walking tall again. She works within your own personal limitations and helps you overcome them. I wouldn't want to work with anyone else!"

— D.B.

She saved my life.

"From time to time, I had considered joining one of "those" gyms but couldn't motivate/commit, believed I didn't have the time, or thought their programs to be too expensive. I was impressed with her knowledge, understanding of my difficultiesencouragement to make small changes, and overall gentle enthusiasm, that I decided to make it work, despite my busy schedule. My starting weight was around 138 (I stand 5''2") & age 52 in a  matter of months, I dropped to 110, wear a size 4, have more energy, sport a toned and strong body, and am virtually PAIN FREE!  I want to emphasize the amazing progress I've made, I couldn't do even one sit-up without pain, more than 5 push-ups,or lift more than 8 lbs., never mind a plank for more than a few seconds. Now....30 sit-ups,  75 push-ups, 15+ dumbbells, and a 4-minute plank!! Thank you Kathrine, You saved my life! 

— L.B.