Team KatFit: Stretch Marks, Messy Buns & Yoga Pants! 

As a mom, you have entered into a lifetime of 100% outward focus, little demands from little people fade into big demands of big people. You have lost that fab body you once knew, your hair's new best friend is whatever rubber band you can find and yoga pants your new uniform because lets face it- they dress up and they dress down!

But let's get real, being a mom is phenomenal. I love my two little tornado's- Aiden and Desmond. However, motherhood can leave a void and a complicated relationship with your body and self-image. 

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Moms Running with Purpose

Whether you are an experienced or a first time runner we are here to support you conquer your goals. We are a group of moms who have begun running for a purpose. Many purposes are time for your self, restarting running or stepping outside your comfort zone. We are a group looking to empower, support, and inspire you to continue reaching your goals. 

What to Expect:
A community of running moms who are there to support you, share your goals, selfies and learn more about running technique, training & more!

Moms Running with Purpose is a private FaceBook group. Interested in joining? Click HERE