How to Make 2016 Your Healthiest & Fittest Year Yet

How to Make 2016 Your Healthiest & Fittest Year Yet

By now the confetti has been swept away, the bubbly is flat and the magic/ newness of New Year’s Eve has faded. We are almost through the month of January. We are back to work, back to the "real" world. How are your New Year's Resolutions? Are they starting to fade? Were they the same resolutions you made in 2015 or in previous years? 

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Working out is on 4% of your Day


A typical workout can be completed so it only consumes 4% of your day. Four percent is a small number if you have your day perfectly planned so your workout fits neatly in it place. However, life is raw and organic. It often does not go as planned. So how do you keep your workout routine, your nutrition, your well-being, and just LIFE in check? One word: PLAN! 


Plan for your worst day at the beginning of the week and work backwards. What does this mean? Each week review your work and life commitments. Put down the items that are a constant- time you need to depart the house to get to work, drop the kids off etc. Then layer in all scheduled meetings for work and home, then doctors' appointments and other commitments you can't change. Finally, when scheduling your workouts look at the day(s) which are your busiest, and then compare these to the days when you're least busiest. For me, my busiest day becomes my rest day. This is an automatic for me, since I know this it takes away the stress of having to cram a workout in or feeling guilty that I am missing one. On my busiest days I still look for ways I can get extra steps or a mini workout during my day. Pick the a parking spot farthest from the door, take the stairs, and when decompressing at the end of the day, complete a brief stretch or foam rolling session in front of the TV. Nutrition is key every day, and it is most important to have your meal preparation planned for your busiest days to prevent regretful eating! 

Failure with Fitness

“We may fail, but we are not failures! Lots of people have their hopes dashed and dreams shattered. But when achievers fail, they see failure as only temporary, and they decide to rise above adversity by turning tribulations into triumphs, failures into fortunes and burdens into blessings. Remember, failure is the backdoor to success.”* * - Robert Frost

When you make the decision to commit yourself to a life a health and wellness, you need to overcome adversity through setbacks. When I first sit down with a client, I want to know what they have tried, why it did not work, and what their frustrations are. Embracing a life of health and wellness is about understanding yourself and how to deal with setbacks and failures. It is crucial to understand that in order to find success you must go through failure along the journey of healthy and well-being. Plateaus will happen in the gym, a day of poor diet management will happen, and your life demands will inevitably cause you to fall off track. How do you prevent failure from crippling you? First, I tell my clients to acknowledge these setbacks and let them motivate you to see the events that permitted you to go astray. When you can begin to see what is causing you to start to fall, you will be better able to navigate through adversity and have greater gains. Second, accept failure as a source of growth to become a stronger you. Finally, remember your "why" and it will keep your steadfast in your path to achieving your goals. I personally love the the word failure because it is the essence in which understanding and success is born. It is an incredible place that permits an individual to truly see who they are. Failure is not a stopping point; it is the nudge to motivate you toward your realizing your goal. Will you sit there and take it or let it inspire you?

Defining Your "Why"

Why: A Conjuction; the cause, reason, or purpose for which (Merriam Webster)

Clients come to me because they have a problem they need help in solving - they often want to get fitter, live a life pain-free, age gracefully and have more energy. However, they are thrown off when I ask them “why”. Each client who I meet has a “why:” they may think the reason that brought them in was to get fitter, but there is a greater purpose behind what led them to me. I ask them to stop and think about their “why,” which will become their mantra during their journey towards a life of strength and vitality. Your “why” provides your with intention, a reminder when you want to give in to your old ways. Your “why” does not have to be a lengthy reason. It can be a matter of a few words of intention, providing you with motivation to challenge you to fight the will to give into your old ways. A fitness program without a specific intention will not permit lasting results. I challenge you today to take time and discover your “why.” Write it down. Put it in a place you can see it first thing in the morning and last thing at night. A prime spot is your bathroom mirror. This will serve as a constant reminder of your decision to lead a life with intention embracing your desire to become fitter, stronger, and healthier.

Baked Oats

As the warm summer air turns to crisp fall air, baked oats are a great way to start your day off with a healthy warm breakfast. Set aside time on Sunday to prep your breakfast for the week (no more excuses for skipping breakfast!!). 


·         2 cups of organic mixed berries (can buy frozen)

·         ¼ cup honey or agave (optional)

·         1 cup uncooked organic quick oats

·         ¼ cup chopped walnuts or pecans

·         ¾ tsp cinnamon

·         pinch of salt

·         1 cup whole milk or almond milk

·         1 egg

·         1 tsp vanilla extract

·         2 tsp of Flax Seed

·         2 tsp of Chia Seeds


If you using frozen mixed berries- be sure to defrost. Mix all ingredients in a bowl. 

Preheat the oven to 375° F.  Lightly grease a 8 x 8" or 9 x 9" ceramic baking dish with organic coconut oil. Cook until golden brown and firm.