Working out is on 4% of your Day


A typical workout can be completed so it only consumes 4% of your day. Four percent is a small number if you have your day perfectly planned so your workout fits neatly in it place. However, life is raw and organic. It often does not go as planned. So how do you keep your workout routine, your nutrition, your well-being, and just LIFE in check? One word: PLAN! 


Plan for your worst day at the beginning of the week and work backwards. What does this mean? Each week review your work and life commitments. Put down the items that are a constant- time you need to depart the house to get to work, drop the kids off etc. Then layer in all scheduled meetings for work and home, then doctors' appointments and other commitments you can't change. Finally, when scheduling your workouts look at the day(s) which are your busiest, and then compare these to the days when you're least busiest. For me, my busiest day becomes my rest day. This is an automatic for me, since I know this it takes away the stress of having to cram a workout in or feeling guilty that I am missing one. On my busiest days I still look for ways I can get extra steps or a mini workout during my day. Pick the a parking spot farthest from the door, take the stairs, and when decompressing at the end of the day, complete a brief stretch or foam rolling session in front of the TV. Nutrition is key every day, and it is most important to have your meal preparation planned for your busiest days to prevent regretful eating!