The Pause Button

The Pause Button

Life didn’t come with a pause or a stop button, so neither should your commitment to your fitness and nutrition.  Yes, that is correct. This is the cold hard truth: pausing is quitting. You develop the habit of quitting every time “life” happens to pause your fitness and nutrition, stopping your workouts, or ignoring your nutrition. However, by hitting pause you are sabotaging yourself in achieving your goals.

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"Who trains you?"

During a session with a client, she posed the question, “Who trains you?” Simple response - I train myself. My client’s response, “How do you stay motivated?” Well, here is the long answer. When I was eleven, I began to get involved with sports. My sport of choice was track and field: the purest sport on Earth. Track and field spoke to me on a deep inner level. I remember watching my first Olympic Gamesin 1988 in Seoul, Korea. Weeks leading up to the Opening Ceremonies, my mom pressed upon my sisters and I the significance of the games. I will never forget being huddled up on the couch with my sisters waiting in anticipation as the track events began. The grace and beauty Florence Griffith Joyner displayed in setting the Olympic Record in the 100m and the World Record in the 200m stuck with me. I knew I wanted to be a part of this sport.

As I progressed through my career in track, I had many coaches. In high school, I realized I wanted to coach. I wanted to inspire and teach others about what this sport had to offer. The fundamentals of track and field go far beyond the physical part. It is a sport where you are your toughest competitor, your own motivator, and your own downfall. It is a sport where you face failure head on, and the only person to blame for failure is yourself - if you did not follow through with any aspect of the training, you are not going to succeed. It is a sport that teaches you how to master yourself through pain, failure, how to stand alone, how to constantly be comfortable with being uncomfortable, and to work as a team. Yes, there is a team aspect in track and field. When you are training, you are only as good as your weakest teammate. If you are the best on your team, you need your teammates to push themselves to beat you in order to constantly get better.

So, how do I stay motivated? If I am not pushing myself to be the healthiest and fittest person I can be, how can I expect that from my clients? When I am training a client and watching them push themselves in a workout, or watching someone’spre-conceived limitations become freedoms after a few sessions, it is inspiring. Life is about growing and changing to push yourself to new limits beyond what you ever thought you could achieve. My motivation now is through my helping clients achieve what they thought they could not. To me, that is what life is all about.