Failure with Fitness

“We may fail, but we are not failures! Lots of people have their hopes dashed and dreams shattered. But when achievers fail, they see failure as only temporary, and they decide to rise above adversity by turning tribulations into triumphs, failures into fortunes and burdens into blessings. Remember, failure is the backdoor to success.”* * - Robert Frost

When you make the decision to commit yourself to a life a health and wellness, you need to overcome adversity through setbacks. When I first sit down with a client, I want to know what they have tried, why it did not work, and what their frustrations are. Embracing a life of health and wellness is about understanding yourself and how to deal with setbacks and failures. It is crucial to understand that in order to find success you must go through failure along the journey of healthy and well-being. Plateaus will happen in the gym, a day of poor diet management will happen, and your life demands will inevitably cause you to fall off track. How do you prevent failure from crippling you? First, I tell my clients to acknowledge these setbacks and let them motivate you to see the events that permitted you to go astray. When you can begin to see what is causing you to start to fall, you will be better able to navigate through adversity and have greater gains. Second, accept failure as a source of growth to become a stronger you. Finally, remember your "why" and it will keep your steadfast in your path to achieving your goals. I personally love the the word failure because it is the essence in which understanding and success is born. It is an incredible place that permits an individual to truly see who they are. Failure is not a stopping point; it is the nudge to motivate you toward your realizing your goal. Will you sit there and take it or let it inspire you?