Stop Googling Your Workouts

So, you have decided you are ready to begin a workout routine, so you pop onto Google and search what part of your body you want to improve. Countless websites come up, and you begin clicking through and start to get overwhelmed. You print out a workout or write it down, complete it and then complete a couple more you found. A week or two goes by and you are thinking, “is this working?” “Should I be doing more?” or “I don’t feel it, let me do double the work.” Then you move onto the next Google search workout. 

What is happening here is a lot of over-saturation and over-thinking; this leads to jumping around from workout to workout leaving you without tangible results. I am going to let you in on a little secret; there is NO Magic Workout Plan! Your body craves movement. Your body knows how to move.

How do you find a plan ensuring results and you will stick with it? Here is what you need to focus on:

·Utilize the resources around you. You have an hour lunch break, finish your lunch and walk laps around the building. Have stairs in your house, do step ups or run up and down the steps for cardio. Lots of errands to run, park farther away from the store.

·Move at every opportunity.  If you have children or have been around a toddler through a young child, they don’t stop moving. If you have young children get them moving to by playing the game “Simon Says.” Simon Says, squats, roll around, jump up & down etc.

·Any movement is better than none. This one is my favorite. There are days I perfectly plan down to the last second but this fabulous thing called LIFE can throw my plans out the window and I am left without time to work out. So, I default to the first bullet. Find every way to move within the constraints of time.

·Focus on moving with good posture. When I train clients, I want them to gain autonomy of how their body is moving through space. If you have a solid understanding of how to manipulate your center of mass you will gain better functional strength and decrease your aches and pains. While you are moving through your day, listen to your body. How are you carrying your weight? Are your shoulders hunched forward? Head leading with the chin? Are you tucking your bum?

· Use the equipment around you. No need to clear a room or put in a home gym. When I was in high school, I did not have the finances for a gym membership. I needed to get stronger for my events in track so, I utilized the resources around me. We heated our house using a wood/coal stove so I would grab a bundle of wood and do squats or lunges holding coal buckets. We lived on a hill so I would complete hill sprints for resistance. In the summer, a gallon jug of water worked perfect for weights.

·Listen to your body. Listening to your body is often said but not always done. You need to be comfortable with the different moves, understand how your body feels while doing it and most importantly enjoy it.

· HAVE FUN!! Working out does not have be torture or something that you dread. Yes, there is healthy pain of muscle growth but you should not be debilitated every time you workout or hating every second of it. This will not be a recipe for success, but rather a recipe for failure. Try multiple classes or workouts. Remember, you do not need to be in a gym to get fit. Love dancing? Take a dance class. Love tennis? Grab some friends and play. Simply get moving!

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