Rethink Breakfast

You have probably heard breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, the most important meal of the day is often overlooked by the morning rush. Getting kids ready for school, you and/or your spouse getting out the door for work, etc. there really is no time for breakfast but it’s time to rethink breakfast.

Did you know over half Americans do not eat breakfast but 90% of Americans know it is healthy to eat breakfast. A bit of a conundrum, eh?

Don’t worry, you do not have to set your alarm clock to a time before the sun rises to eat a healthy breakfast and you can still enjoy the convenience of a to-go breakfast (in time we will work on sitting at the table to eat).

First, as Americans we choose our foods based on how convenient it is rather then nutrition or how we feel afterwards.

Second, the average American spends less than 10 minutes on meal prep per meal. Yes, less than 10 minutes per meal!!! When I learned this stat, my mind was blown. I get it, life is busy. We all have the children activities, doctor’s appointments, job demands, home maintenance, and whatever else life throws at you. All of these reason point to the importance of efficient and effective meal prepping.

Third, meal prep is the key to a healthier leaner lifestyle. I am going to get real here for a moment: if you are too busy for meal prep, then you are too busy for a healthier lifestyle.  I have had many clients tell me and I have even thought that I was too busy for meal prep (oddly this was before I had kids, embarrassing I know). What I learned through meal prepping was that I never have to stress about what to eat or when life throws a curve ball, I head to the freezer and pull a meal out. Yes, I started small with meal prep, like taking one meal at a time. Once I mastered prepping one type of meal, I moved onto tackling another meal. Now, 95% of my family’s meals are prepped for up to a month, plus I also prepare homemade marinades and hummus. Before you click away, here is the reality: it has taken me 7 years to perfect the process, and I am still learning.

Finally, we need to ditch the cereal at home, breakfast sandwiches or bagels on the go and kick our day off with something which will set us up for success.

What to consider when meal planning for your breakfast:

1. Plan time to eat your breakfast in the morning. Pro Tip: Plan your breakfast the night before and prep it.

2. Include protein dense food. Pro Tip: Use leftover meats from dinner and ditch the sausage & bacon.

3. Eat until you are about 80% full. Pro Tip: Sitting down at each meal will help you listen to your body’s fullness cues.

4. Eat real, unprocessed foods. Pro Tip: Aim for a breakfast that does not come from a wrapper of any kind.

5. Veggies are not a PM food choice they are a 24 hour a day food choice

6. Whole grains like oats, millet, quinoa, amaranth, sprout grains.

7. Routine, routine! This will create consistency and healthy habits!

Here are a few of my favorite recipe links. Warning! Some recipes may include veggies :)