Back to School: How to Ace Meal Prepping

It’s the beginning of August and back-to-school commercials have started airing on TV since the middle of July (possible before). If you have frequented your local Target, the school supplies area is beginning to become picked clean. We are in the fight to savor every waking moment of summer but prepare our children to excel this coming school year.

BUT……. Have you started thinking about your meal prep? Take a moment and remember those chaotic nights of after school activities and homework help. What if you began meal prepping right now instead of waiting until the mania of the start of school happens?

Yes, I know it is hot and the humidity is stifling and the thought of turning on the oven isn’t appealing, but picture your freezer stocked with healthy, quick meals and your stress level lowered since dinner and possibly breakfast won’t be another thing for you to plan.

Here are some tips and recipes to help you and your family get ahead this fall:

Meal Prepping Basics:   

  • Meal prepping does not have to be complicated or exotic meals.
  • Meal prepping is the life preserver for your sanity as a MOM, you & your family's nutritional demands and health.
  •  Have a well stocked kitchen. I am not talking about “food” but items to help you prep any kind of dish. How many times have you thought, “I am going to cook ____.” Go to your pantry and realize you do not have half the ingredients. Click HERE for your well stocked kitchen list.

How to get started?

PLAN- choose 1 or 2 meals in your week that are your most hectic. Think about what are your family’s favorite foods. Better yet, have a family meeting to plan the meal prep.

SHOP- Once that list is made, head to the grocery store.

COOK- Gather all hands! That old saying, "Many hands make for light work" applies to meal prepping. My 3 year old is great at dumping pre-measured foods into a bowl, running food waste to the trash can or stirring. My 5 year old is learning how to stir more efficiently, measure with precision, slowly learning how to chop. My husband also assists with all aspects of the meal prep.

My motto is that we all eat the food… we all should share in the preparation and enjoyment of the food.

What are you meal prep tricks? What is your favorite meal prep recipe? Comment below.

Here are several of my favorite go-to meal prepping recipes: KatFit’s Family Eats