Shhh….. The Perfect Workout

Nowadays, a quick search on any social media platform or Google search will pull up hundreds of workouts promising the perfect _______ (fill in the blank). What the workouts, articles and blogs leave out is crucial.

Is it perfect for you?

It is natural to want to care about your looks. It is natural to want to have the “perfect” body. It is natural to look at the magazine cover and want to be them. So, you save the photos of the workouts, screen shot the workouts and then begin doing the workouts waiting for the results.  However, you become frustrated, still searching for the next workout.

Let’s stop here.

The secret is YOU. Wanting to changes or transform your body is not wrong. It is natural and normal to want to improve your body, however, the reasoning behind wanting this change needs to be you.

What does this mean?

Working out should be for the right reasons and not for the wrong reasons. Working out is not meant to punish yourself or teardown yourself. Working out is meant to strengthen the body inside and out. It is meant to empower you, your body and propel you forward, your intentions, your why for working out needs to coincide. 

How do you do this?

First, recognize, that cover model has flaws. She has her own body image struggles. You are flawless. You may think your body has flaws but it does not. Flaws come from an outside influence not from you. There is no perfect body type! I am going to get really real with you for a moment, that cover model, that actress you admire or singer, she has cellulite, her stomach bloats, her weight fluctuates, and do I dare say, her thighs do not “mind the gap.”

Second, do not let anyone else’s standards or ideals for YOUR body determine your outlook on your body. This is a tough one, I know. I spent years letting other peoples ideals about my body dictate what I would wear, activities I would participate in or not. By doing this it prevented me from seeing who I really was. I am/was a strong, athletic, competitive girl who is/was determined to push herself to the next level in anything I tried.  Amuse me here, when I look back on the photos of myself as a young girl, I do not see the “flat chest”, “fat” stomach, or “fat” thighs (what I thought were my flaws). I see a tall, athletic girl.

The greatest workout secret and the biggest take away I wish for you to have is you are perfect the way you are. Your flaws do not define you. Working out is meant to reveal your inner strength. It is a constant test of mental and physical strength revealing to yourself, you are worth it.

SO, I challenge you to write down your “why” for working out. Your “why” should not have a measurable goal for example, “I am working out to fit into ____.” Rather, “I am working out to embrace myself” or “I am working out because I am worth it.”   Once you have written it out, post it. No, not on social media but post it in your room, opposed to your phone reading “alarm & time” change it to your “why” so you have a reminder every morning.