4 Simple Rules of Meal Planning Success

Who is excited about the start of school? I am very excited, but this is the first year my eldest will be boarding a bus to head off to Kindergarten. As many seasoned parents have told me, this is where life hits the fast forward button. It is also the time of the year where each day seems like it is flying by. As a mom, you feel the pressure even more to provide your family with nutritious meals, but the time to create these meals is non-existent. Quickly we fall in the “grab this,” “snack on this,” or “skip a meal” which is not going to help you keep working towards your fitness and nutrition goals.

Here are 4 simple rules you can implement TODAY to be able to have a nutrient-rich year on the go!

1.       Plan out your meals - While you are setting up the family’s calendar for the month, take some time to plan the meals. Meal prep planning includes- recipes that are easily doubled as well as can be frozen, writing the shopping list, and the final step - time to complete the food prep!

2.       Storage Containers! My family knows I have an obsession with Pyrex brand because it makes life easier for food prep. Why? Pyrex can be frozen, refrigerated, baked and microwave in. Glass is BPA and PVC free so you will not have cancer causing agents mingling with your nutrient rich meals.

3.       Enlist your entire family to help with the meal prep! Everyone enjoys the meals so, get them involved. There are tasks that everyone at every age can do.

4.       Label and date items that go into the freezer, and keep an ongoing inventory list so you are not left scrambling to figure out what to cook at the last minute.

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Bon Appetit!