She wore that?

On Saturday night my husband and I went out for his birthday. In typical fashion, I had a continuous debate on what to wear. Since I spend most of my days in workout clothes or a boring city-tee with shorts, I wanted to get dressed up and “wow” my husband and truly feel beautiful.

We all have that dress or outfit we hold onto hoping and wishing one day it will fit just perfectly like it did so long ago. However, life happens, kids happen, and things just are not the same as they were before. You do not have that perfect teen/20’s body. So, I went into my closet and this dress is staring at me. If you have seen my social media post, then you already know the outcome.

I stood staring at the dress in my closet (cue the internal struggle- part of me saying put it back, you don’t want to be upset when it won’t zip up, then the other part of me saying do it!). Well, I did. The dress fit just as it did when I bought in 1998. This is the dress I wore to my high school graduation, have only worn a few times since, and this was the first successful time wearing it post-babies.

I do not write this purposely as a “humble brag,” but here is my message and my mission. Your body is a work in progress. As a woman, there will be a period in your life where you will be building a family, and your body will change in so many ways BUT it can go back. Hips can shrink and rib cages can go back down. YOU can achieve the body of your dreams. Does it come easy? Does it come without making sacrifices? Absolutely not!

So, how did I do it and how can you do it?

Take out a piece of paper then answer this question or grab my worksheet HERE

1.        If you had a magic wand, what would make you most comfortable in your own skin? Unacceptable answers: having the body of <insert anyone’s name>. It must be you. You can’t be someone else.

Here is my answer: To be comfortable in my own skin, I needed to focus on myself.

·         Stop looking at every inch of my body with a negative view.

·         Accept myself for who I am and where I am in life.

·         When my husband or friend pays me a compliment, embrace it and receive it positively.


2.       What is stopping YOU from achieving this? Be brutally honest with yourself. This is not an easy exercise for anyone.

Here is my answer:

·         I needed to stop making excuses. I am no longer the NCAA All-American Athlete. I did not have 3 hours a day perfectly carved out to work on me and my goals.  Yes, balancing a house, family, and a business is draining, but I am capable of doing great things. Greatness and goals are not achieved with excuses and “I’ll do it tomorrows.”

·          I will not use my kids as excuses or my pregnancy as an excuse as to why I can’t.

3.       How will you achieve this? Work with what you know how to do, what you can control. Remember: I am here to help.

Here is my answer:

·         I will focus on meal-planning to keep me on track with my nutrition.

·         I will not skip meals.

·         I will keep nutritious options in the house to avoid temptation.

·         If I choose to skip a workout or indulge in a meal(s), I will own up to it and not self-hate. I will acknowledge in the moment that I am choosing to deviate from my plan and not hold it over my head. I will use it be stronger in my next moment of weakness.

·         I will develop a support network: my husband, my sister and my kiddos to help draw strength to stay focused.

·         I will work out 5-6 days per week.

4.       Why are you doing this? This will be your mantra.  What will help you get out of bed on those days you don’t want to and prevent you from making poor decisions.

Here is my answer:

·         I am worth it.

For me, choosing to make a lifestyle change to embrace a healthy, fit, more vital life should not be based on vanity. Having an improved, sexier body is an effect. What causes someone to choose or forced to make a change typically comes on the heels of completing your family, after a birth of a child, or a mid-life doctor’s appointment. What makes a lasting change is a fitness plan which embraces you as a whole. When a client comes to me looking to lose a certain amount of weight and tone up, they aren’t coming to me because they woke up one morning and suddenly found the extra weight on their body. They acknowledge and learn with my help what choices have lead to the increased weight and decreased muscle tone; then devise a plan to begin creating new, healthier, sustainable habits that fit into their life’s demands. Yes, there will be changes and adversity to overcome: that is called growth. You will have a new appreciation for yourself and greater success on your path to a healthier you if you start within.

So yes, I put on a dress that I rocked in 2001 when I graduated from high school and I felt pretty damn good watching my husband’s jaw drop to the floor. It felt more incredible that inside, I never quit on myself. That I did not let those bad days deter me. That I believed, trusted, and respected myself to know that I am worth it. My fitness journey is still ongoing and there are goals still to be met but today, I reached a HUGE milestone and for that I am grateful.