Hello Summer......Goodbye Fitness.......

The last day of school a few weeks ago was a scary thought for me. I thought my precious me-time to focus 100% on my business, my clients, and my workouts goes out the window and I am sent into this balancing-tight-rope-walk. My “free” time is condensed to the predictable 2 hour nap time window to get my clients programs written, marketing, blogging, etc. Oh, do not forget the constant house chores! So, where does one find time to get a workout in if you do not have a gym membership?


At the start of your week, plan your week of workouts- what time, how long, where, and what you will be doing for a workout.


Set your phone alarm for your workout. I find it helps to program two-three alarms on your phone. The first alarm, a reminder of your “why” for working out, then second alarm, motivational quote to remind you of your “why,” and the final alarm signaling workout time. This helps me stay focused and get excited for the workout. If you are working out first thing in the morning, you can simply set those alarms prior to your bedtime.


You do not need equipment to get a good workout in. Often times your bodyweight will do just fine. I find bodyweight exercises can be overlooked. Cardio equipment is not necessary to burn calories either. If you are training for a race or enjoy running, check out local trails or paved paths. Other methods of cardio include jumping jacks, running in place, high knees, plank jacks etc. Great body weight exercises include - pushups, squat variations, lunges, step-ups (can be done with stairs in a house), plank variations etc. (be sure to subscribe to KatFit’s YouTube Channel)


There are many different ways to design a workout; however, your workout design will depend on your intended goal. If you are looking to get a quick workout in, then a HIIT workout is a great place to start. The sweet spot for a good HIIT workout is about 20 minutes. Be sure to check out KatFit Facebook Page or Instagram and take the workout challenge of the day if you are looking for workout ideas.

Click Here for my favorite HIIT Workout

If you need further assistance, let’s chat! I am here to help you succeed. Email me: teamkatfit@gmail.com