We are a society on the go, the barriers between work and home have been bulldozed with modern technologies providing you and/or work to access to you 24/7, kids need shuffling here or there and they too are feeling the increased stresses of life.  You have a feeling of being pulled in every direction. Demands to perform at work and at home but what happens to your nutritional needs during this time of increased stress?

It takes a toll. It is easy to hit the drive thru, go to a restaurant, grab pre-made quick reheat meal options but in the end they leave you feeling empty and void of your nutritional needs. So, how do you keep your nutrition on track without it becoming an added stress in your life?

1.      Don't wait until you're starving to find a place or find something to eat. You'll be more likely to walk into the first place you see, regardless of the kind of food it serves. Plan ahead; keep a small sandwich bag of nuts, an apple or other healthy snack to tide you over.

2.      If eating out is the only option; select a restaurant where the food is cooked to order rather than a fast-food or buffet-style chain, where the food is made ahead of time.

3.      Avoid unhealthy and high-calorie fats, choose steamed, poached, broiled, baked, grilled, or roasted foods over deep-fried. Many restaurants will honor requests for low-salt, low-saturated-fat versions of certain dishes. In general, try to steer clear of dishes described with these terms (which usually indicate less-healthy preparation):

·         au gratin

·         basted

·         braised

·         buttered

·         buttery

·         casserole

·         creamed

·         scalloped

·         fried

·         in cheese, butter or cream sauce

·         in gravy

·         pan-fried or pan-roasted

·         sautéed

4.      Plan your meals. Meal planning will help you stay on track and it will also help you stay on budget. Before I head to the grocery store, I plan all my meals before I go so I only get items I need. It is also important to never shop on an empty stomach. You will be more likely to impulse buy that way.

5.      Don’t keep junk in the house. My motto is “if I can’t eat this responsible, it doesn’t go into my cart.” I love to enjoy a decadent dessert or even a scrumptious bowl of ice cream any time however, I know it will not help me stay on track.

6.      Remember your “WHY”. Why are you choosing to lead a healthy lifestyle? Why is this goal important to you? Remembering this during a time of weakness will be enough to prevent you from giving into temptation.

Employ these 6 tips to prevent your mood from deterring you from your goals.