KatFit's Gifting Guide: The Minimalist Gym

Do you have a fitness enthusiast on your list? Or, are you looking to build or add to your home gym? Over the next few days, we will be highlighting great gifts to fit your budget. Today we are going to highlight the "Minimalist Gym." 

Minimalist Gym:

You do not need to have a designated room to have a home gym. You can still achieve a home gym without bulky equipment. You can use your living room as your gym; all you need is a storage container or a decorative container to hide the equipment when you are not working out.

1.       Resistance Bands: Resistance bands are great because they can be stored anywhere, provide resistance training without the bulk of dumbbells. The package of Black Mountain Resistance Bands retails for $25 and provide a resistance from 2 to 35 lbs.

2.       Yoga Mat: Even if you do not plan on doing a yoga routine in your home gym, a yoga mat is perfect for providing a lightly padded area to complete lifts and stretches. We love to the Zen Active Non-Slip Yoga Mat (retails at $29.99) because it is environmentally friendly,  non-slip design gripping the floor and 1/4" in thickness providing the correct amount of comfort and support.

 3.       Band Loops: Okay, full confession here. If you are a client of mine you know I LOVE these bands.  Perform Better Mini-Band Loops (Retails for $8!), the mini-bands take up virtually no room and can be stored anywhere. You can use from for exercises such as lateral walks, resistance for squats, hamstring curls and more! A gym must-have!

4.     Medicine Ball: A medicine ball is great to add to a gym. You can use it for multiple lifts or ab exercises. Prices vary based on the weight of the ball. Not sure what weight to choose? A 10 lb or 12 lb ball is a great starter weight. The Valeo is a great medicine ball for using weighted resistance.

5.       Stability Ball: Looking to increase you core and stability strength? A stability ball is the perfect addition to anyone's home gym. The Black Mountain Stability is professional grade without the professional price tag (Retails between $15-$20), rated up to 2,000 lbs, and comes in a variety of sizes/colors. How to find the perfect stability ball for you? 

Height                              Recommended Ball Size

Under 4'8"                       45 cm ball

4'8" to 5'3"                      55 cm ball

5'4" to 5'10"                     65 cm ball

5'10" to 6'4"                     75 cm ball

6.       TRX: The TRX is the perfect all-in-one home gym solution. It was designed by and for the Navy Seals. The suspension trainer uses your own body weight as resistance to assist in improving strength, coordination and balance. The TRX retails at $129.95.

Looking for something else not highlighted on KatFit's Favorites? Send me an email kat@kat.fit and I will be happy to help select the perfect gift for someone on your list or yourself.