Preventing the Holiday Weight Gain

Halloween has kicked off the sweet indulgence of the holiday season! From October 31st through January 1st, there are holiday parties, large family dinners and many work events. It is an incredible time of year; however, it wreaks havoc on your fitness and nutrition plan. So how do you avoid the dreaded holiday weight gain?

1. Strategic Planning: The holidays come every year (no surprise there). I mean, retailers have been reminding us since July that Halloween is coming and since August that Christmas is coming. Create a calendar for your workouts and nutrition. Know when your “cheat” meal is going to be. Plan your meals for the remainder of the week.

2. Say, “No”: It is fine to decline an appetizer or a dessert and do not feel obligated to offer a reason as to why. You are not obligated to have a serving of everything at each event.

3. Avoid the Buffet: To prevent extra snacking move away from the buffet. Do not stand right next to it while chatting. You will be more likely to mindlessly snack and overindulge.

4. Drink Downfall: A lot of holiday beverages contain a large amount of calories with or without alcohol. For example, a single serving of eggnog has 350 calories and a Starbucks Grande Peppermint Mocha has 440 calories. And as a reminder, alcohol can also interfere with proper nutrition, recuperative sleep, hydration levels, muscle recovery, stress hormone levels, and the immune system.

5. Sleep: Eight hours a night is recommended for adults. Getting a consistent amount of sleep will help with weight control, proper immune system functioning, a reduction in stress and stress-related illnesses, and helps with your mood.

6. Holiday Season Stress: Holidays bring a lot of stress and we tend to think we need to skip the gym due to this. NO! Exercise has been shown to reduce your stress levels, improve sleep, mood and reduce stress and anxiety.

During this time, it is important to have reasonable goals with a plan to prevent a two month hiatus from your exercise routine. Be sure you have your goals and/or “why” clearly written and visible. Indulging a little is fine, but be sure you are planning your meals around your holiday gathering to prevent mindless eating or overeating the holiday treats. Also remember to have an accountability partner - someone you talk to who will help you to stay on track with your goals during this holiday season.

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